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XYMOGEN Is an Ideal Partner for Practitioners Who Seek Top-Quality, Professional-Grade Formulas.

Many of our formulas are exclusive and patented, and often first-to-market. Formulations are based on the most current research and technology available. Our existing formulas are regularly reviewed and enhanced under the guidance of functional medicine experts including our esteemed medical board of advisors. Production standards are the highest in the industry. All XYMOGEN formulas meet or exceed certified GMP quality standards and are subject to independent third-party analysis. XYMOGEN formulas are distributed only to licensed healthcare practitioners and are not sold to, or relabeled for, health-food retail stores.

the XYMOGEN Difference

The XYMOGEN Difference

Like You, We Are Passionate About Helping Individuals Achieve Their Best Possible Health.

Your dedication inspires us to be the best at what we do. To meet your needs and expectations, we stay on the leading-edge of the science to provide innovative, dynamic, and ever-evolving formulations. Our experienced and skilled functional medicine consultants are the best in the industry, ready to assist you and your business in every possible way. Our technical support experts and customer service representatives provide incomparable support. When you work with XYMOGEN, you get much, much more than industry-leading formulas; you get a dedicated team behind the scenes.

XYMOGEN's continued growth and success allows us to keep expanding and improving our line of formulas in order to meet your patients’ health needs. Our quarterly releases of innovative formulas reflect the latest scientific findings in the field of nutritional science, as well as feedback from our medical board of advisors and XYMOGEN practitioners worldwide.

XYMOGEN’s culture reinforces the philosophy that “The Journey Is the Reward.” Our team members, medical board of advisors, and loyal customers are most passionate and enthusiastic about this extraordinary and exciting journey we call XYMOGEN—a journey that offers unprecedented opportunities for discovery, growth, and fulfillment.

XYMOGEN Advantages

Partnering with XYMOGEN means you have chosen to offer your patients cutting-edge formulas that will help them get back to living their lives. Whether your patients are looking for very specific support or basic wellness assurance, we have the experience and formulas to meet their unique needs. We invite you to join our nutritional healthcare team, which is unlike any other.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee
Our functional medicine consultants have a collective experience of over 10 years. They will be happy to listen to any questions and concerns you may have and offer their knowledge of specific formulas to support each of your patient's needs, while helping you expand your reach.

Our company culture is focused on building and maintaining relationships—it's all personal to us.
We understand that your patients expect the very best healthcare you can provide; that's why our goal is to make sure each healthcare practitioner has what he or she needs to be successful in their business—the business of optimizing the health of their patients.

XYMOGEN Services for Practitioners


24-Hour Online Ordering

Our online eStore will help you keep your inventory well stocked and ready to meet your patients' needs. Your patients can even order directly from us with your practitioner referral code. If you do not already have a referral code, contact our customer service department to set one up.


Custom Manufacturing

If you have your own formula ideas, we can help you create them. With XYMOGEN's Custom Manufacturing Program, our expert team will help seek out the very best raw materials and then manufacture your formulas at our state-of-the-art facility. Contact your Functional Medicine Consultant for more information.


“People First” Is XYMOGEN's Mantra

When you call XYMOGEN, 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern time, Monday-Friday, you will always be assisted by a customer service representative ready to help you with orders, tracking, and any other questions you may have. Our ability to aid you efficiently will help you get back to doing what you do best: focusing on your patients' concerns.


Private Label Program

Create your own brand identity with XYMOGEN’s unparalleled private label partnership. Ask your Functional Medicine Consultant how this FREE service can help expand the reach of your practice with custom-designed, professional formula labels—plus doctor reference sheets, patient guides, formula brochures, web-ready digital bottle images, and more.

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Window Dressings Are For Houses, Not Nutritional Formulas.

Meticulous ingredient selection, potency, purity, manufacturer certifications (GMP, NPA, TGA), independent third-party analysis, and clinical studies; these are but a few of the measures XYMOGEN requires to ensure the consistent quality and effectiveness of our formulas. This is what practitioners nationwide have grown to expect from XYMOGEN. We’ve earned their trust, and we will earn yours.

    Gain access to research papers written by world-recognized clinicians as a XYMOGEN registered healthcare practitioner.
    Keep checking in with the practitioners' portal, as we will continue to expand the services we offer, making it easier to find the information you need for your practice.

Proprietary Scientific Research

As a XYMOGEN healthcare practitioner, we will offer you access to your very own practitioners' corner, where you can download the latest research findings from top clinicians worldwide. These papers are catered to new and far-reaching health inquiries that may bring insight to your knowledgebase. We are committed to expanding our services gradually through this practitioner portal, and making it quicker and easier for you to locate the data that is essential to you.

Education & Events

XYMOGEN Is Committed to the Continuing Education of Our Healthcare Practitioners.

To be truly effective, we must keep up with evolving research and understand how to apply it in clinical settings. This is precisely why our seminar series and webinars are such a vital part of our commitment to you. Our engaging educational events help bridge the gap between science and patient results. Join us for one event, and you will long for the next! Your time will be extremely well spent.

World-Renowned Speakers

XYMOGEN practitioners that speak at our tailored events have decades of clinical experience and their health topics are at the forefront of nutritional academics.

Events that Will Leave You Wondering When the Next Event Will Be

Our events coordinators have a passion to help create fun, nurturing experiences that will keep you engaged and eager to arrive at the next XYMOGEN event.

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