Unwavering commitment to the highest quality

Safe. Compliant. Trusted. The most important part of your supplement is what you can’t see—quality and safety. XYMOGEN formulas are safe and effective and meet or exceed cGMP requirements.
High-quality standards
XYMOGEN quality systems are among the best in the business. From our ePedigree tracking system to our investment in top-of-the-line analytical equipment, XYMOGEN displays a high level of commitment to quality.
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Our facilities
XYMOGEN is proud of our commitment to transparency. In fact, we gladly schedule tours of our secure facilities to our healthcare practitioners and business partners. Our GMP certification through industry-recognized NSF means that we keep our facility and equipment exceptionally clean with strict adherence to procedure, making us stand out as an exceptional dietary supplement manufacturer.

Certificates of analysis

Every batch of every formula has its own unique certificate analysis that shows the results of our quality testing for each lot number. As part of our commitment to transparency, we provide certificates of analysis upon request. Reach out to XYMOGEN customer service at info@xymogen.com or call (800) 647-6100 to request a certificate of analysis or ask questions about our formulas. We are here to serve you!

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ePedigree provides peace of mind
ePedigree is a part of the exclusive collection of benefits you receive when you choose XYMOGEN
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