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Trusted by healthcare practitioners
Our formulas are trusted by renowned integrative healthcare practitioners. Just like them, we care about your health and well-being. Our rigorous quality assurance; on-premises quality control laboratory testing for identity, strength quality, and purity; environmental-controlled warehouse; and restricted distribution ensure that what it says on the label is in the bottle.
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Identity testing
Purity testing
Strength testing
Composition testing
Contaminants testing
Higher standards

XYMOGEN stands for quality you can trust. We continually seek out premium ingredients from the best suppliers to deliver professional formulas that exceed industry standards.

Environmental control and refrigeration
Clean labels. Fresh supplements. Our manufacturing and warehousing space is environmental-controlled. Ingredients and finished formulas are always handled and stored correctly, ensuring clean, fresh supplements for you.
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The right packaging
Our formulas come in single-serve pouches, stick and dose packaging, as well as bottles and blister packs, providing added convenience and the highest level of confidence in the integrity of our formulas.
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XYMOGEN is committed to maintaining your trust. We gladly offer certificates of analysis on request. Our GMP certification through industry-recognized NSF means that we keep our facility exceptionally clean with strict adherence to procedure, meaning XYMOGEN professional formulas stand out in a class of their own.
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