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ePedigree Program

Exclusivity is in our byline. It’s not just something we claim, it’s something we do.

ePedigree Program

Patient Loyalty ProgramNobody understands a patient’s health better than their practitioner, which is why we want to make sure our formulas are exclusively available through them. With our Patient Loyalty Program and ePedigree initiatives we’re doing just that by ensuring that patients can only buy XYMOGEN formulas from authorized XYMOGEN practitioners.

Build loyalty with your patients by providing them proprietary exclusive formulas and grow your integrative medicine practice by securing customer loyalty and driving patient lifetime value.

Together, we can foster the practitioner-patient relationship and protect your patient's health.


True Exclusivity

We are the only nutraceutical company that is truly exclusive, and this exclusivity extends to you. We want to make sure you are the only source of XYMOGEN formulas for your patients. This allows you to better track their progress, ensure compliance, and foster relationships.



Many online retailers will use “bait-and-switch” tactics to try to get shoppers to buy something other than what they were originally searching for. If a company allows their formulas to be sold online, they are allowing them to be used as “bait” to lure customers, and then “switched” when the retailer recommends a less expensive, inferior product instead. These formulas are often lower in quality and potency, which can alter your carefully developed protocols and interfere with results.


Supply Chain Control

We are the only nutraceutical manufacturer that does not use distributors, which means we are completely in control our supply chain. Many distributors do not uphold the same standards as the company they supply for. This includes their storage and shipping conditions, whether they accept and re-sell returned product, and who they sell to, such as online retailers. Our formulas go directly from us to you, and we will never sell to online retailers or health food stores.

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We are the ONLY exclusive professional brand.

Your patients can only purchase XYMOGEN from you. They will not find our products sold on well known mega retail sites. We have eliminated the competition to ensure your patient loyalty.

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We have features in place to track down violators of our No Internet Sales Policy and end the unauthorized sale of our formulas on the Internet. By enforcing this agreement, we are protecting the exclusivity of our formulas and the health of your patients and practice.  Our ePedigree program guarantees that the XYMOGEN formulas your patients receive, and any expiration or manufacturing dates associated with them, are authentic.

The ePV number featured directly below the name of each product is a serial number distinct to each and every bottle. This number allows us to track and trace where the bottle was shipped and who it was originally sold to, in turn allowing us to cut off any potential violators of our No Internet Sales Policy.

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