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XYMOGEN Reports Highest Monthly Sales Ever

XYMOGEN Reports Highest Monthly Sales Ever
XYMOGEN Reports Highest Monthly Sales Ever

XYMOGEN Reports Highest Monthly Sales Ever

  • by admin
  • Wednesday, May 23, 2018

XYMOGEN® is proud to announce that April was the company’s highest-grossing sales month in its 25+ year history, garnering a total of $10 million in sales.

XYMOGEN CEO and Founder Brian Blackburn attributes this achievement to the company’s formulas being exclusively sold through healthcare practitioners or XYMOGEN itself.

"We monitor the sales of our formulas using ePV, our electronic product verification system, to ensure our customers are getting XYMOGEN’s trusted brand and not counterfeit products," Blackburn said. "This business model is part of what makes XYMOGEN stand out from all other nutraceutical companies."

Also, MedPax, the company’s customizable thin-film dose pack service, delivers supplements to patients using about 40 percent less plastic than bottled formulas, making them not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Blackburn says MedPax has been getting great responses from customers ever since its 2017 formal launch.

Last year, the United Nations Environment Programme introduced its CleanSeas initiative. The global initiative’s mission is to limit plastic marine pollution by encouraging governments, corporations, and the general public to reduce its use of plastic.

XYMOGEN has pledged its support for the initiative and offers educational information on plastic marine litter as well as tips to its customers on how to reduce consumer plastic use. Continuing to fulfill its commitment to the program, XYMOGEN is currently transitioning the bulk of its loose powder formulas to single-serve plastic pouches which are also shipped in paper cartons instead of large plastic tubs. The change is expected to reduce the amount of plastic used to package these products by 98 percent.

We wish to thank all our dedicated customers for their ongoing support and trust in XYMOGEN. We look forward to continuing the journey to good health with them as we introduce additional new and exciting initiatives in the months and years to come.

To learn more about XYMOGEN, its formulas, distribution, and community involvement, visit, email, or call 800-647-6100. XYMOPrint, a full-service digital printer and design studio, XYMOGEN LOGISTICS, a third-party fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping provider; and PharmaceutiX Medical Foods are all subsidiaries of XYMOGEN.

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