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XYMOGEN Makes History

XYMOGEN Makes History
XYMOGEN Makes History

XYMOGEN Makes History

  • by admin
  • Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Orlando, Fla. -- More than five decades of integrative healthcare history has finally been captured. The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963-Present, published in partnership with FON Consulting and XYMOGEN, provides a clear view on exactly how integrative medicine began and how it is increasingly woven into America’s healthcare system.

Meant to be an historical archive and educational tool, this 92-page e-book contains 125 milestones including links to more information so that readers can take a deeper dive into understanding the field of integrative healthcare.

Renowned integrative healthcare historian John Weeks, founder of The Integrator Blog, calls Rise "a 'coming of age' tale of a grassroots movement."

In particular Rise highlights historical developments in research, educational accreditation, professional formation, collaborative engagement, mainstream recognition, and government policy breakthroughs in functional medicine.

Grab your free digital copy of The Rise of Integrative Health & Medicine, compliments of XYMOGEN.

"There is power for each of us who wish to create a health-focused system in seeing that our individual contributions are recognized," XYMOGEN CEO Brain Blackburn says. "At XYMOGEN we have thrived through our pioneering work and commitment to excellence. To be able to recognize those that stood before us—many of whom share our core values—is an incredible opportunity to pay it forward. Our participation in Rise reflects our gratitude to those who have made a difference—and to those that continue the inexorable march of integrative and functional medicine as tomorrow’s standard of care." 

The book is available in hard copy or as an e-book on the FON and XYMOGEN websites.

FON Founder and Director Glenn Sabin, who conceived the project, says "We developed Rise to both celebrate and educate."

Sabin is not only involved in creating successful strategies for integrative medicine practices and practitioners, but a cancer survivor who credits integrative healthcare for saving his life and his continued good health. (Broke up long run on sentence here.) He says researching how "integrative medicine began as a popular movement that was once obscure, and now is increasingly embraced by tens of millions of health consumers, as well as academic medical institutions and hospitals, and recognized as a convergent force with value-based medicine" was truly eye-opening.

A free digital copy of The Rise of Integrative Health & Medicine, presented in partnership with XYMOGEN, eagerly awaits you.

To learn more about XYMOGEN: Our community involvement, research, innovation, and new products check back here in our News section or email You can also reach us by phone at 800-647-6100.


About FON Consulting

FON is a leading integrative health and medicine business development and strategy consulting firm specializing in custom solutions for developing and growing patient volume, programs and product sales. Our practical business models are driven by innovative marketing, clear messaging and customer engagement via branded storytelling. FON serves an array of clients, including clinics, hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and media organizations across the United States and around the world.


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