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Buyer Beware: XYMOGEN Not Sold on

Buyer Beware: XYMOGEN Not Sold on
Buyer Beware: XYMOGEN Not Sold on

Buyer Beware: XYMOGEN Not Sold on

  • by admin
  • Wednesday, September 21, 2016

XYMOGEN, a leading functional medicine manufacturer, is one of several companies that have purposely sidestepped doing business on the mega-Internet sales site To highlight this turn of events, Birkenstock, the icon of environmental consciousness and centuries of shoemaking expertise, recently stated that its products will no longer be sold on

XYMOGEN Founder and CEO Brain Blackburn said that the model unfortunately often co-mingles authentic and counterfeit products. Citing a similar reason for leaving, Birkenstock USA CEO David Kahan wrote a memo on July 5 to Birkenstock partners. In it, he stated, “Effective January 1, 2017, Birkenstock USA will no longer authorize the sale of any Birkenstock products on” XYMOGEN’s Blackburn said the issue becomes even more critical in the nutraceutical industry. “XYMOGEN customers expect our formulas to be exactly what the label says they are,” Blackburn said. “We put a lot of research, testing and stringent protocols in place to ensure the safety and potency of our formulas. We can’t allow rogue sellers to harm customers. That is why all XYMOGEN formulas are exclusively sold through educated and well-vetted health practitioners.”

The increase in companies that leave or make a note of not ever selling on it is significant because it means these companies are taking action to protect their brand. To fight this issue, XYMOGEN has added another layer of protection for customers called ePV (electronic pedigree verification). ePV is an electronic record that traces the changes in ownership of a pharmaceutical product. It begins with the manufacturer and documents the transactional history of the product until it reaches the person or organization administering or dispensing it. A QR code is listed on all authentic XYMOGEN formulas. This code allows XYMOGEN to trace the batch of each formula to ascertain its safety and quality.

Rogue sellers may sometimes purchase products from XYMOGEN and then go on to resell them. This may result in customers receiving products with QR codes scratched off or labels removed. Practitioners or customers who have received products with altered packaging should be aware that they may be in possession of a counterfeit, out-of-date or otherwise compromised formula.

To learn more about XYMOGEN, a family-owned, health sciences company, and its community involvement, research, distribution and products, visit, email or call 800-647-6100.

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