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Ordering and New Accounts

    What makes XYMOGEN different from most nutritional supplement companies?

Our formulas have been used and trusted by thousands of practitioners and patients nationwide for over 20 years. We are diligent about finding the best raw materials, and our exacting standards of quality, purity, and efficacy are driving more practitioners and patients to us every day. Like you, we want results.

We are passionate about helping individuals achieve their best possible health. We stay on the leading-edge of the science to provide innovative, dynamic, and ever-evolving formulations. Our experienced and skilled functional medicine consultants are the best in the industry, and our technical support experts and customer service representatives provide incomparable support. With XYMOGEN, you get much, much more than our industry-leading formulas. You get our dedicated team behind our formulas.

    Why do healthcare professionals around the world choose XYMOGEN?

The science and innovation behind our formulas, which are researched, developed, clinically tested, and reviewed by our esteemed medical board of advisors.

State-of-the-art forms of ingredients such as Quatrefolic®, benfotiamine, dihydroquercetin (DHQ), Albion® chelated minerals, S-acetylglutathione, and many others.

Many of our formulas are exclusive and patented, and often first-to-market.

Aggressive international expansion. As of 2011, XYMOGEN formulas are available in two of the largest international markets.

Stock options. Practitioners can share in XYMOGEN's success through investment opportunities. Free customized labeling and literature to help grow your business and name.

Online sales are prohibited. We respect the doctor-patient relationship.

Our formulas are distributed only to licensed healthcare practitioners and are not sold to, or relabeled for, health-food retail stores.

XYMOGEN is an independent, family-owned company. We are an honest and ethical United States company with transparent business principles.

    How do I order XYMOGEN nutritional formulas?

If you are a patient, contact a licensed healthcare practitioner in your area by searching here. Our formulas are only available through licensed healthcare practitioners because we believe that it is critical to the success of your program that a qualified health professional recommends and oversees their use.

    Why are XYMOGEN formulas sold only to healthcare providers?

Because we intend them to be recommended by a licensed healthcare professional after an assessment of an individual's medical history and unique biochemical needs has been carried out. We also intend their actual use to be supervised by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

    I am a licensed healthcare practitioner. How do I order XYMOGEN nutritional formulas?

If you are a licensed healthcare practitioner who would like to offer your patients XYMOGEN formulas, simply use this link: NEW ACCOUNTS LINK. The application process requires completion of five downloadable documents. Completed and signed forms can be emailed to or faxed to +1 407-445-0204 to start the application process.

The application will be reviewed and further documentation may be requested. For a quicker response, please supply an email address. Not all applicants will be approved; we will review the license, certificate, and practitioner designation to see if it meets our requirements.

    Why do I need to fill out the Customer Protection Agreement and No Internet Sales Policy?

The Customer Protection Agreement is the contract between XYMOGEN and the purchaser. It outlines how the purchaser should conduct their business practice when selling XYMOGEN formulas. Signing and dating the Customer Protection Agreement indicates that the account holder agrees to the terms and conditions listed with respect to an account with XYMOGEN.

The No Internet Sales Policy acknowledges the guidelines in place related to the sale of XYMOGEN formulas through practitioners' websites. Sets of instructions and disclaimers are provided for the protection of customers and business.

    Can I sell XYMOGEN on my website?

Yes, please refer to the No Internet Sales Policy, which supplies an outline of XYMOGEN's requests for conducting business online. Our primary concerns are that there are no prices listed, no discounts offered, no referral code disclosures, and that the only means by which the general public can purchase our formulas online is through a licensed healthcare practitioner.

    Why do I need to provide a business license?

We request a business license to assist us in confirming your intent to re-sell our formulas and in identifying how and from where they will be dispensed. For the protection for our customers, we may not approve all account applications because they may not meet our requirements.

    Can I set up an account for personal use?

No, we do not set up accounts for personal use. Our supplements are exclusive only to active practitioners and their patients.

    Can buy XYMOGEN products on Amazon?

For Sales on the Amazon platform, the Xymogen brand works hard to ensure that only authentic, high quality products reach consumers in the condition we intend. As such, for all sales on the Amazon platform, the Xymogen brand offers a 45 day Satisfaction Guarantee which will NOT be honored without provision of valid proof of purchase directly from the Fortress Brand Amazon storefront.

Private Labeling

    What is private labeling?

XYMOGEN'S Private Label Design Service is a powerful tool that can strengthen your brand identity. This service entitles you to personal, customized labels that are designed with your input and placed on formulas you purchase from XYMOGEN. So, instead of using XYMOGEN's brand, your patients will recognize the formulas as your brand. By personalizing your formula line in this way, you can increase patient confidence in you and your treatments.

Let our experienced graphic design team help you create a custom-labeled formula line that is perfect for you and your practice. We will also work with your current graphic designer to make sure your labels reflect the look and feel of your established brand artwork.

Custom-designed labels are also a great marketing opportunity. Think of them as business cards. Every time your patients purchase and use these formulas, they are given a visual reminder of your brand, location, physical address, and website!

    What price do I pay for this service?
There is a one-time membership fee of $150 for new private label accounts, as well as a case quantity minimum of one case (24 units per case); and all subsequent orders will only be made by case, not by unit.
There is also a design fee consisting of a minimum of one-hour design time billed at $65 per hour for all specialized marketing collateral materials. Please consult with a Private Label representative for more information.
    What type of information and artwork should I supply?

Prior to designing your custom label, three design assets should be considered: content, pure artwork files, and supplemental artwork files.

Content consists of product name* (please be as specific as possible), business name, street/postal address (required), phone number, and website (optional).

Pure artwork files consist of EPS (vector artwork), PDF, or JPEG images of your logo and your company logo, along with color and font files.

Supplemental artwork files help us gain an impression of the design concept and can consist of hard copies of flyers, letterhead, or promotional materials as well as a website address.

Please note that providing both pure and supplemental artwork is ideal for helping us achieve the look you desire for your label. If you do not have pure artwork files, which provide us with the most assistance in label creation, we can certainly work with your supplemental artwork files. If you do not have established artwork, our graphic design team will be more than willing to consult with you in the creation of artwork for your labels and other materials for XYMOGEN products.

*Product names are subject to review by XYMOGEN Quality Control per Health Canada rules and regulations.

    How long can I expect a proof of my labels once the request has been made?

Label proofs can be designed within 2-3 business days. Based on the complexity of your artwork and request, an additional day or two may be needed to complete the order.

    What information needs to be on the label?

The FDA rules and regulations regarding nutritional/supplement/medical foods facts are very extensive.

Nutrition and Supplement Guidelines

Address Guidelines

    Can I add to or change anything on the label (i.e., directions, dosage, etc.)?

Not without the consultation of our quality control department. Information that needs to be preserved can be found in the descriptor paragraph and the supplement facts box.

    Once my label is approved, will there be changes to it in the future?

Yes, because XYMOGEN formulas are subject to change. When XYMOGEN formulas are improved, changes could affect the information in the descriptor paragraph and/or supplement facts box. This may also affect art placement on the label itself in some cases. XYMOGEN's Functional Medical Consultants will keep you up-to-date about ongoing developments and improvements to our formulas.

Final approval means that you have read and approved the information associated with the product labels in your folder, and the master artwork is correct and to your standards. This approval also gives XYMOGEN's graphics department discretion to make minor changes associated with the maintenance and quality assurance of your product line.

Manufacturing | Ingredients | Capsules | Labels

    Where are XYMOGEN's supplements manufactured?

A majority of our formulas are manufactured at our 136,000–square–foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Orlando, FL. However, the manufacturing of some XYMOGEN formulas is outsourced to a few select U.S. companies. Each of these companies, including XYMOGEN, is currently Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registered by at least one of the following: Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA), the Natural Products Association (NPA), and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International).

    Where do you source your ingredients?

That is completely dependent on what supplier has the best material. It is one of our highest priorities to search out the best raw materials based on quality, purity, and research.

    Is everything in the capsule listed on the label?

Yes. Everything listed on the label is present in the capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid. What you see is exactly what you get.

    What is Proposition 65?

Please visit this link for more details.


    Do your products contain common allergens?

With minor exceptions, our formulas do not contain wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, soy, animal, or dairy products. None of our formulas contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

    Are your formulas kosher?

With the exception of our OrganiX™ bars, none of our products are certified as Kosher.

    Do your formulas contain fillers?

There are a few instances in which fillers are used. When they are, we use vegetable-based cellulose to fill a capsule that may have a very small amount of active ingredients.

    What are the binders used in your tableted formulas?

Dicalcium phosphate, methylcellulose, glycerin, and croscarmellose sodium comprise the majority of binders used in our tablets. All binders are hypoallergenic, non-animal derived compounds.

    What are your capsules made of?

We only use vegetable capsules. They are made from hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, a cellulose compound derived from wood pulp.


    Do you use standardized herbal extracts?

We strive to provide the highest quality herbs and the best value. When they are available in the marketplace, and especially when they are deemed critical to the efficacy of a formula, we use standardized herbal extracts.

    Have your bovine-sourced products been tested for mad cow disease?

Yes, we have been assured that our bovine-sourced formulas are very safe and do not pose any risk for mad cow disease.

Formula Use

    Should I take my supplements with meals?

If there is a clear, science-based reason to take your supplement away from a meal, this will be indicated on the formula label directions or in the formula Doctor's Reference Sheet (DRS). If there is any remaining question, consult your healthcare practitioner.

    Can I take your formulas if I am pregnant or lactating?

Many dietary ingredients have not been tested during pregnancy or lactation. It is always best to check the label cautions and consult your healthcare practitioner before using a dietary supplement of any kind while pregnant or lactating.

    Are there any known drug-nutrient interactions with any of the products?

Indeed, there are known and possibly unknown interactions between some prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and some dietary supplements. The combination may enhance the drug's action and therefore increase risk of toxicity, or it can reduce the drug's action and therefore decrease its benefit. A drug can also deplete certain nutrients, increasing the need for supplementation. The information supplied on our labels regarding specific interactions is limited. Our formulas are designed to be used only under medical supervision, so it is very important to consult with your healthcare practitioner or pharmacist before combining prescription or OTC medications with any XYMOGEN formula.



    I bought a product from my doctor, but I was not satisfied and want to return it. What can I do?

Please contact your provider or place of purchase to see what return or exchange options are available.

Formulas for Specific People / Children / Body Systems

    Do you have any supplements specifically formulated for children?

Yes! BrainSustain™ for Kids is a powdered drink formula designed to enhance children's brain development and performance. It represents more than 30 years of neuroscience research and was developed by Dr. David Perlmutter, board-certified neurologist and internationally recognized leader in nutritional neurology. Some practitioners also recommend our liquid fish oils, vitamin D liquid, IgG 2000 DF, and a variety of our probiotics for children. Unfortunately, very few clinical trials are performed with children; thus, there is limited data with which to assess safety and efficacy. We recommend that you consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner before giving your child any XYMOGEN formula.

Ongoing Practitioner Education

    Do you offer ongoing education?

Yes! We feel that continually connecting our XYMOGEN practitioners to the latest scientific trends and findings is one of our responsibilities. We offer seminars, workshops, and webinars from the greatest minds in functional medicine, including Dr. David Perlmutter. Join us for one of our engaging events. We promise that it will be time extremely well spent!

Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for continuous updates on current research.

    How do I sign up for a seminar or webinar?

You can get current seminar announcements, webinar notices, and registration information for those events here.

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