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ePedigree Program

Exclusivity is in our byline. It's not just something we claim, it's something we do.

ePedigree Program

What Is ePedigree?

An ePedigree is a record, in electronic form, that traces the changes in ownership of a pharmaceutical product. It begins with the manufacturer and documents the transactional history of the product until it reaches the person or organization administering or dispensing it.

Pedigree laws are being enacted because of the increasing prevalence of counterfeit prescription drugs in the U.S., intermingled with the legitimate drug supply. As XYMOGEN’s market presence increases, so does our possibility of becoming a target for product counterfeiting. Although Pedigree laws do not affect natural health and supplement companies, the many benefits to our customers and their patients were too great to ignore. These benefits are why we have decided to become the first company, that we are aware of, in the nutraceutical industry to implement an electronic track and trace program, that will soon encompass our entire line of exclusive, professional formulas.


Nobody understands your health better than your doctor, which is why our products are exclusively available through authorized practitioners. This exclusivity not only fosters the practitioner-patient relationship, but also protects the patient's health.


By utilizing an electronic track-and-trace program, we are doing our part to help ensure that the products that reach consumers, and any expiration or manufacture dates associated with them, are authentic. This allows practitioners to recommend with confidence, knowing that the patient’s well-­being is protected. Plus, we are able to verify the formula’s authenticity and storage conditions, as well as when it was shipped, at any time.


The QR Codes on our labels are embedded with a serial number that is unique to each individual product and scanned into our ePedigree system prior to shipping. We also have additional security features in place to help prevent program interference; and, like everything we do, constant improvement is our goal.

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