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Turn the tide on plastics


CleanSeas, which was launched in February of 2017, aims to target the causes of marine litter by limiting the production and consumption of non-recoverable and single-use plastic such as bottles, bags, and straws. The initiative encourages government, corporate, and community involvement to achieve this goal.

Protector of the planet


There are 46,000 pieces of plastic in each square mile of the ocean.


Between 60 and 90 percent of litter that accumulates on shorelines is made up of plastic polymers.


Under marine conditions, some additives present in plastics become toxic to marine life and humans.

XYMOGEN is honored to be part of a very exclusive group of companies to support the UN on this important environmental issue. Musto, an outdoor and performance apparel company whose clothing the British royal family often wears, Dell computers and Volvo are some of the notable businesses that have joined the initiative. International governments currently attached to this massive cleanup effort include Kenya, Sweden, Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The only American governmental support to date is from the government of American Samoa.

XYMOGEN is curtailing its use of plastics by moving from plastic bottles to thin-film dose packs, which are packaged in paper cartons. The same is true for its large, plastic tubs that contain powders, such as the FIT Food and OptiCleanse family of formulas. In place of these, patients may choose to receive their formulas in perfectly portioned thin-plastic serving packets, which also use considerably less plastic.

Another way that XYMOGEN is significantly limiting its use of plastics is through its use of dose packs. Instead of packaging formulas in large, rigid plastic bottles, patients can get all of their practitioner-recommended daily formulas combined into dose packs. This program alone is expected to reduce XYMOGEN’s plastic use by 40 percent.

XYMOGEN also encourages practitioners and their patients to limit their use of plastics by offering suggestions gleaned from the CleanSeas initiative.

No longer using single-use plastic straws is one easy step anyone can take right now to protect the planet. Take the pledge to stop using straws by tweeting your commitment and tagging it #StopSucking. To make your own pledge and find out more about the CleanSeas initiative, visit

Here are other ways you can join XYMOGEN and be a protector of the planet:

  •  Remember to use your re-usable bags
  •  Purchase re-usable or paper straws and carry them with you
  •  Use refillable water bottles
  •  Bring your own take-out containers or ask for paper ones
  •  Choose products with no or less plastic packaging
  •  Use wax paper, cloth, or re-usable silicon bags for food and snack storage
  •  Use biodegradable bags for cleaning up after your pet
  •  Invest in glass or stainless steel containers with lids for leftovers
  •  Use cloth diapers or biodegradable ones (there are a few out there)
  •  Avoid products with microbeads
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