People-First Culture

XYMOGEN thrives on its culture of strong customer service, personal excellence, high energy, and the true enjoyment of helping people improve their health.

People-First Culture

About Us

When you partner with XYMOGEN, you not only receive the-highest quality formulas in the practitioner channel; you also get the support of our long-standing functional medicine consultant team, as well as the best customer service in the industry. Why? Simple: Because we care. We care about the fact that you want to help people live their healthiest. We care that you want safe, effective formulas on which you can rely. We are a team, helping to bring patients what they are searching for — better health and wellness.


The Journey Is the Reward
XYMOGEN Exclusive Professional Formulas has over a quarter century of experience providing quality supplements to healthcare practitioners. As an independent health sciences company, XYMOGEN has introduced numerous innovations to the functional medicine community. From the beginning, "the journey is the reward" has been our mantra. It is a journey that offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and fulfillment.


XYMOGEN’s Core Principle: People-First 

XYMOGEN is proud of our "People-First" culture. We can only achieve continued success and growth by staying tenaciously committed to these five principles:

  • Creating a dynamic, open corporate environment that encourages a team approach to problem solving, new product development and industry first initiatives.
  • Establishing an inverted pyramid organizational structure where the first priority of all leaders is to ensure every team member knows that their thoughts and opinions are encouraged and valued.
  • Providing resources, education and training for team members to maximize their highest potential so that they may move up in our company and find career satisfaction.
  • Encouraging fitness, health and to make time for play by offering team members access to our 24/7, no-fee exercise facilities, which includes a basketball/volleyball court as well as a fitness center with treadmills and weights.
  • Attracting the most talented, fun and motivated people from many different backgrounds to our winning team through a variety of avenues, including relationship building with the scores of professionals who have maximized their health through our formulas and our already established team of diverse and deeply devoted team members.



In October of 2003, the nutraceutical company XYMOGEN was created. Since that time, XYMOGEN has shown considerable growth with more than a decade of continued success. The company has repeatedly outgrown offices, necessitating the construction in 2012 of a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It has also developed its own lucrative private labeling program, launched the subsidiary company Labels in Motion, and gone from a distributorship to a supplement manufacturer. Here’s to the future, with even more success to come.

Passion + Commitment = Growth
Our commitment to quality, our commitment to our practitioners, and a passion for natural healthcare allow us to keep growing. Our team mentality, quarterly product pipeline launches, continuing education events, customer recognition programs, and international expansion also contribute to our continued ability to rise above the competition. XYMOGEN’s strength as a company has been reinforced repeatedly. XYMOGEN has recently been recognized for the ninth time on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing and best-run private companies in the nation.  XYMOGEN joined the “Honor Roll Alumni” in 2012, which is the elite group of companies who have made the list at least five times. They have now appeared nine times in the last ten years, putting them among only five percent of the current 5000 honorees to be featured nine or more times.

Partnership with Dr. David Perlmutter, FACN, ABIHM
In February 2010, XYMOGEN acquired Dr. David Perlmutter’s iNutritionals line of neurological formulas. The addition of BrainSustain™ and NeuroActives™ BrainSustain™ to the XYMOGEN line positions us as a leader in the modulation of neurological disorders.

XYMOGEN Facility

XYMOGEN proved that there really is no place like home as we opened our new global headquarters in Orlando, FL, in April 2012. The complex’s design strategically weaves an ultramodern manufacturing and packaging system, a merchandise center, full-service research laboratories, a warehouse, marketing studios, a customer service department, digital printing services, and administrative services under one massive roof.

More than 40,000 square feet are dedicated to manufacturing and packaging, and this also includes a 4,000-square-foot full-service laboratory to test all raw materials and goods.

The expanding success of XYMOGEN’s seminar series and tradeshow exhibitions motivated us to include our own conference center in the building. This enables us to host educational programs in the facility year-round.

Our new headquarters was built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. For a start, it offers “green” features, such as parking spaces dedicated to energy-efficient cars, and there is a non-smoking policy.

From day one, founder Brian Blackburn’s business has been structured around core family values, and a happy and positive workplace. For that reason, the building design also includes spacious work areas, a 24-hour gymnasium, and a basketball court for the more than 150 employees.

The XYMOGEN work environment has always been Brian Blackburn’s first priority. He believes that the successful operation of a business pivots on nurturing and caring for employees. This philosophy continues today.


Generating Higher Value

Q4 2004 - $7.50

Q4 2005 - $12.50

Q4 2006 - $12.50

Q4 2007 - $15.00

Q4 2008 - $23.65

Q4 2009 - $34.12

Q4 2010 - $45.70

Q4 2011 - $56.51

Q4 2012 - $60.54

Q4 2013 - $75.62


Q4 2014 - $83.61

Q4 2015 - $96.54

Q4 2016 - $110.34

Q4 2017 - $126.84

Q4 2018 - $152.28

Q4 2019 - $149.30

Q4 2020 - $158.62

Q4 2021 - $172.92

Q4 2022 - $180.24

Q3 2023 - $200.94

Dear Investor,

XYMOGEN continues to progress on its reinvention journey, with a full commitment to a comprehensive transformation; one which is showing remarkable results and improvement across all our businesses areas. This quarter’s results are evidence, once more, of the positive outcomes of XYMOGEN’s investment in this transformative program.

We closed another record third quarter (Q3) in 2023 with a strong +13.2% sales growth rate vs. Q2 2022, and with the utmost confident we see 2023 as a year of historic record positive performance for XYMOGEN in our “Road to $500 Million” (seven-year growth plan), with a confirmed forecasted 2023 vs. 2022 sales growth rate still expected to surpass double digits (~10 to 15% growth rate).

Our historic consistent strategic investments ($72 plus million in the last decade) in cutting-edge technologies remain showing positive results as we keep maintaining a strong double-digit Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in sales over the period.

We remain fully committed to strengthening our organic ‘volume growth’ and results keep showing a strong momentum, through our newly implemented commercial initiatives. The availability of XYMOGEN-label formulas through our exclusive Amazon distributor – which have surpassed an impressive 35% ‘month-over-month’ growth in 2023 – in conjunction with our contract manufacturing business, third-party product distribution through WholeScripts, private label and international businesses keep on showing outstanding positive performance.

The continuous search and implementation of newly identified volume growth opportunities in key areas of our business, in addition to a sustained robust discipline from a financial and profitability standpoint, remain the critical success factors in XYMOGEN’s strategic roadmaps and mindset.

XYMOGEN keeps committed to achieve its vision to become the reference player in the market, and we are supremely confident that we have the expertise, skills, and capabilities to capture and maximize all available growth opportunities in the years to come. Our innovative manufacturing operations, growth-targeted focus and continued improvement in our product offering portfolio will enable us to achieve and maintain a market leading role in our industry sector.

I deeply appreciate that you have taken the time to read this memorandum. In the following section we provide additional breakdown details on our performance and our historical journey towards this transformation and reinvention to become the “best-in-class” company in our industry.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your commitment, trust, and confidence both in me and the entire XYMOGEN family. Our future has never been so positive, and I am excited that you are taking this journey with us.

Yours in Health,

Brian J. Blackburn
Founder and CEO

XYMOGEN and WholeScripts


Company Overview

Functional medicine is the future of preventative health care and the cornerstone of XYMOGEN. It is a personalized, body systems-based approach that allows healthcare practitioners and patients to work in collaboration and address the underlying causes of disease. XYMOGEN's mission is building relationships that empower practitioners to help their patients reach their highest expression of health through the use of exclusive functional medicine formulas.

XYMOGEN® is family-owned health sciences company headquartered in Orlando, Florida and has been providing high-quality dietary supplements to licensed health care practitioners for more than a quarter century. The nutraceutical company has introduced numerous innovations to the functional medicine community; its Medical Board of Advisors consists of clinical practitioners who are industry experts in a broad range of specialties.


Certified Manufacturing Facility

XYMOGEN's 309,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is GMP (good manufacturing practices) registered by NSF International. The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers, and regulators that products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements.


Fastest Growing

XYMOGEN is a family-owned health sciences company headquartered in Orlando, Fla., which has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality dietary supplements, and providing education and support to licensed healthcare practitioners for more than a quarter century. Guided by XYMOGEN's founding principles of quality, trust, and service, XYMOGEN launched WholeScripts, the only one-stop ordering site for XYMOGEN formulas and other professional-grade supplements. The mission of WholeScripts is to be a digital dispensary of choice as well as an integrative medicine tool that supports the entire healthcare community. XYMOGEN's 309,000-square-foot campus includes sister companies WholeScripts, WholeScripts Pharmacy, XYMOPrint, a state-of-the-art digital printing, label, and packaging solutions company; XYMOGEN Logistics, a superiorly managed, climate-controlled warehouse with full security and fire protection; XYMOGYM, a full-service gym, which also includes our corporate health and wellness program, XYMOFIT, strongly focusing on the Institute of Functional Medicine’s five pillars of health, as well as PharmaceutiX, a medical food distribution company.

XYMOGEN is fortunate to be in the Practitioner Channel of the Health & Wellness Sector. Over the past five years, this has been among the fastest-growing business sectors in our country. At a time when few companies are growing, as of September 30, 2023, XYMOGEN has grown revenues for 74 quarters and has realized nearly 100 percent growth in the past five years. Over this five-year period the share price has grown from $153.56 to $200.94. We believe with our current and planned initiatives the next two years will likely be our best growth period to date.


Quarterly Share Price


XYMOGEN's share price is valued quarterly, and, as of September 30, 2023, the share price is posted to our website with a value of $200.94 per share. The next share valuation, as of December 31, 2023, will be posted to our website on or about January 30, 2024.



  • WholeScripts®:  An expanded digital interface for practitioners and patients that replaced the XYMOGEN eStore and offer a more intuitive and robust user experience. WholeScripts will be dedicated to providing access to XYMOGEN formulas, with other professional-grade nutritional and herbal supplements, so that WholeScripts is a one-stop nutraceutical dispensary for quality formulas.
    Here are just a few of the ways WholeScripts will be the choice of savvy healthcare practitioners and a benefit to their patients:
    • Electronic medical record/electronic health record (EMR/EHR) integration
      WholeScripts has partnered with Cerbo (formerly MDHQ), Charm and Practice Better, leading EMRs/EHRs, to put patient information at practitioners' fingertips. No more time-consuming data entry from one system to another. Practitioners will be able to import XYMOGEN formulas, create recommendations, and view patient compliance at the click of a button. More software integrations are expected soon.
    • Smart inventory management is not managing inventory at all
      As a busy practitioner, there is little time or space to keep a fully-stocked natural pharmacy. Let us take care of the inventory for you. With WholeScripts, save space, time and costs – without ever having to worry about expiration dates on formulas.
    • Improved user experience
      The new website is focused on a design that is easily viewable on mobile devices with a quicker checkout process, better catalog searching capabilities and more filtering choices. Likewise, an adjustment to AutoShip will allow re-orders by formula rather than an entire order, ensuring patients always have their supplements on hand.
    • Free shipping for patients
      A patient's best friend is free shipping. WholeScripts will offer free shipping for all patient orders of $100 or more. What's more there are absolutely no patient subscription fees and AutoShip can be stopped and started at any time by patients.
  • WholeScripts® Pharmacy: A full-service, truly integrated pharmacy and the only one that combines nutraceutical formulas and prescription medications in convenient daily dose packs. WholeScripts Pharmacy is licensed to fill prescription medications in 47 states (and anticipates full licensure across the US before the end of 2023).
  • MedPax®: Personalized nutritional supplements dispensed in convenient go-anywhere daily dose packs. Also offering the option to combine nutraceutical formulas and prescription medications through WholeScripts Pharmacy.
  • CleanSeas: XYMOGEN is one of the first corporations to pledge its support to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) CleanSeas initiative, and is the only nutraceutical company to do so. CleanSeas, which was launched in February of 2017, aims to target the causes of marine litter by limiting the production and consumption of non-recoverable and single-use plastic such as bottles, bags, and straws. The initiative encourages government, corporate, and community involvement to achieve this goal. To this end, XYMOGEN is curtailing its use of plastics by moving from plastic bottles to thin-film dose packs, which are packaged in paper cartons. The same is true for its large, plastic tubs that contain powders, such as the FIT Food and OptiCleanse family of formulas. In place of these, patients may choose to receive their formulas in perfectly portioned thin-plastic serving packets, which also use considerably less plastic.
  • Quarterly Pipeline Launches: XYMOGEN's continued growth and success allows us to keep expanding and improving our line of formulas in order to meet patients' health needs. Our quarterly releases of innovative formulas reflect the latest scientific findings in the field of nutritional science as well as feedback from our Medical Board of Advisors and XYMOGEN practitioners worldwide.
  • International Growth: XYMOGEN continues to see new opportunities to address the ever-expanding need for natural health solutions by distributing its top-of-the-line formulas across the global market. The goal is to ensure XYMOGEN products are supplied to every distributor that recognizes the benefits of providing these innovative formulas to consumers, and has a desire to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle. XYMOGEN is currently distributing in Canada (where XYMOGEN maintains its own sales force and fulfillment center), South Korea, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia, Ecuador, Vietnam, and Ukraine – and is looking to develop markets in the Middle East/GCC countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar, and throughout Europe. These future ventures can only be realized through strong partnerships with potential distributors who share XYMOGEN's vision.
  • PharmaceutiX® Medical Foods: The rising demand for natural health products has created great potential to introduce new formulas onto the market. As a company that is looking to grow and expand, the possibilities for XYMOGEN are endless, as we strive to develop formulas that can help an even larger base of the patient population. Medical foods are defined by the FDA as foods specifically formulated to provide nutrients for the management of a disease for which there is a recognized nutrient dysfunction or deficiency component. Medical foods must be used under the care and oversight of a physician, and they must meet the FDA's rigorous safety requirements.
  • Private Label Program: Using this powerful tool, doctors and practitioners everywhere are seeing results, attributed to having personal and customized labels, doctor reference sheets and booklets for their favorite XYMOGEN formulas.
  • Contract Manufacturing: Based on the extraordinary growth of both XYMOGEN's infrastructure and team, we are now well-positioned to fulfill orders in Contract Manufacturing, our fastest growth division.
  • XYMOPrint®: An expert in the creation of digital print products. Providing label and print services for XYMOGEN®, WholeScripts® Pharmacy, PharmaceutiX®, private label, and contract manufacturing customers, XYMOPrint also partners with brands and industries around the world to design and manufacture labels with an unbeatable quality and value.


Financial Outlook

XYMOGEN Posts Revenues of $35.9 Million for Q3 2023

XYMOGEN’s Net Sales for the period ended in Q3 2023 increased 13.2% compared to Q3 of last year ($35.9M in vs. $31.7M last year). Q3 has seen a recovery in our overall volume vs. same period of last year for a combined +2% net volume growth, after a great performance via our newly deployed Amazon DTC channel, private label, and third-party products. We have also leveraged our price/mix with an impact of +$2.9M (or +9%) vs. Q3 last year. Our EBITDA in Q3 2023 showed a favorable momentum increasing 55% vs. last year to $3.3M (from $2.1M in Q3 2022 and +2.7 percentage points improvement as % of Sales), driven by volume/price, and leverage via discretionary expenses containment.

USD Millions
Xymogen's Q122 and Q123 Sales and EBITDA

Cash Flow continues to be an area of solid improvement with September landing at +$6M (YTD) and +$1.2M in Q3 driven by strong operating results (Net Income) and working capital performance (achieving in Q3 our lowest Average Working Capital level in 2022 and 2023). Our Operating Cash Flow on a YTD basis in 2023 is 6.4x better compared to September YTD of 2022 ($10.1M in 2023 vs $1.4M in 2022).

As we enter the last quarter of the year, our focus remains on finalizing a strong 2023 maintaining the momentum in our operational results and cash flow management to ensure our financial success.

2023 has unfolded market and business dynamics that are paving the way for a reinvigorated 2024. New initiatives (Amazon DTC channel already in place and steadily growing) together with other growth and business disciplines, such as budget and operational excellence, have positioned us for continued growth and improvement in 2024. Scaling and maintaining a robust discipline from a financial and profitability standpoint continue to be key strategies in XYMOGEN.

We continue to make investments in critical areas of the company in order to adapt to market dynamics and seize all available opportunities. As we maintain our steadfast commitment to driving growth and creating long-term value in today’s ever changing business landscape, we recognize the importance of agility and responsiveness.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. All results are preliminary and based on available information as of October 23, 2023. Adjustments will be made over the remainder of 2023 but are not expected to have material impact.



Investors who would like to request a detailed report of their current XYMOGEN stock holdings, a copy of XYMOGEN's most current audited financial statements and/or Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) may email


Investing in XYMOGEN

Should you wish to consider an investment, please email to request information.

Disclosure:This information contains forward-looking statements, including those related to revenue, non-operating expenses, tax rates, earnings, and our ability to continue to align our business to successfully respond to opportunities and changes in our industry. The financial information set forth herein reflects estimates based on information available at this time.

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